Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Body Image

There are many myths and misconceptions about body image. These common misunderstandings sabotage body acceptance and can lead to a disordered self image. I hate the stero types, and I know what you're thinking... "youre tooth pick skinny, you cant relate to me!"
Really? What's the difference between "tooth pick skinny" and "over sized whale"... they both hurt, they both can damage ones self esteem and they both couldnt be further from the truth.
What you look like doesnt matter.
What you believe does!
But while we're here, I want to clear up some myths and hopefully raise your self esteem.

Myth #1 : It's your own fault that you're not losing any weight. With the right amount of willpower, you could look any way you want.
Facts: Diets are often unhealthy and may also lead to weight gain. Only 2 - 5% of all people losing can maintain that loss for three years or more. Additionally, most women do not meet the 5'10''-110 pounds model standard, just like most men don't have the bodies of professional athletes - no matter how hard they diet and exercise. The key to a healthier self is a healthy mind and body image, paired with a balanced diet and physical activity.

Myth #2 : You have to diet to lose weight.
Facts: As I said before, diets rarely lead to long-term weight loss. Most doctors and professional associations do not endorse strict low-fat or low-carb diets, such as the Atkins diet. The American Heart Association, for instance, recommends a 'well-balanced diet that includes lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and at least two servings a week of fish -- fatty fish' (Source: WebMD). Additional exercise can help you maintain your shape. You don't have to be an avid track runner or hardcore weightlifter. More relaxed sports, such as yoga and pilates, help you reflect on your mind and body while giving you a great workout.

Myth #3 : Large people have bad diets; thin people healthy ones.

Side Bar: I eat horribly! If I went to a nutritionist shed probably yell at me for a week. I eat way too much fast food, way too much junk food, and while I am healthy and try to have balanced meals ... my between meals is nothing resembling healthy!

Facts: It is important to note that thin people can suffer from health issues such as elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes even though these diseases are most often attributed to people who are overweight. Regardless of one's weight, however, it is important for all people to maintain a healthy lifestyle - including a balanced diet, exercise, regular checkups and smoking avoidance.

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  1. Myself like most men… find a number of various body shapes attractive and I think personality and attitude go along way in sexy…I don’t want to sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist but I think making women feel bad about themselves is just a corporate plot to keep you all buying a bunch of useless overpriced crap to make yourselves think you feel and look better.