Saturday, April 21, 2012

Moving (Again)

Now I’m sure those of you who follow me are reading the title of this blog and thinking “Again?!” Yup! Again and again and again… Ok, hopefully not really!

With any luck (and a lot of pixie dust) this will be my last move for quite some time.

So, like always when I move I decided to write a blog depicting what I’ve learned this moving trip and the first one I’m going to share is something that I learn EVERY time I move.

--Cut Backs & De-clutter

GRRRRR! That’s right! I said it…. Grrrr. This is my arch nemesis! I had cutting back and de-cluttering, but I’m sure I’m not the only one. We all have our definition of “What’s worth moving” and what isn’t. Some of us (like my mother) are HOPELESS pack rats who need a lot of pushing while others could sell everything they own except for what they can fit into a backpack and call it good (I’m not one of these people either). Where do I fall? Somewhere in the middle. I have no problem throwing out a high school year book, or a prom dress, but ask me to throw away my ratty old teddy bear and you’re going to get punched in the nose and told that Punky Bear has been in my life longer than you and you are more easily replaced then he is! Yes, this statement will come with a classic 4 year old stomp of my foot as I hide my beloved bear FAR FAR FAR away from you. :-P

--Organizing the Boxes

Ok, I’d like to say I don’t learn this every time I move…but I do. My living room ends up mixed up with my bedroom which gets mixed up with my bathroom. I really shouldn’t be allowed to pack because I still haven’t fully learned this! Organizing is (my) most commonly overlooked. If organizing the boxes only meant arranging them properly I’d be set, but it doesn’t. It also means labeling them and having those labels mean something. Did I do that this the first time? NOPE! The second time? Not at all. The third time? Kind of… but no. What about next? Not even a little! This time? … this time everything mostly got shoved where it fitted and just put in the car and sent to its new address! >.< Did I mention I’m really bad at moving?

- Canceling or Refilling Subscriptions or Prescriptions
Crap! I’m bad at this too. It normally takes me MONTHS to get everything set up with the new address, and that’s if I’m lucky!

Ok. I apparently suck at moving… So I think I’ll stop giving advice that even I don’t follow.

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