Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dentist Today

Today was my first visit to the dentist in a long time. I've been putting it off because for the longest time I didnt have insurance. Well, now thats fixed and I've been putting it off for about 9 months before I finally went "OK, thats DEFINITELY a cavity" and made an appointment because I've obviously forgotten how much the dentist fucking BLOWS!

People hate the Dentist because it is the only "doctor" who causes discomfort by relieving discomfort and the caused discomfort continues for hours after you leave. Seriously! All they did today was identify which of my teeth had cavities and do some other "assessing" work. I left over and hour ago and my mouth is still fucking sore!
At the end of the day though you're glad its over and your smile is better or at least on its way to being better.
My main issue with the dentist is that they give me the same lecture every time. Brush more, floss, swish and DONT EAT ANY SUGAR EVER!

I eat sugar RARELY. I brush, floss and swish like a fucking crazy person. I have ALL of these things not only in my bathroom but my glove box, purse and work bag. Is like "There is literally only so much I can do" obviously I am incapable of doing "better" even when I do "more" so fuck off, fix my teeth and leave me the fuck alone. Especially when you look at the pamphlets they give you and its like only 1% behavioral (brushing, flossing etc), 15% diet and 85% genetics. My moms teeth were horrible. My fathers teeth were non-existent. These were the same for my grandparents, my grandfather had fake teeth from the time he was 32! THIRTY-TWO!

I just dont know what "more" I can do since what I'm doing now is obviously NOT apparent AND doesnt even fucking matter.

Side note:
I know I swear a lot. I'm from New York. Fuck is punctuation.  

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