Wednesday, March 18, 2015

No Loan

I finally heard back for the loan and because my income "cant be guaranteed" (like anyone's can be?!) they wont give it to me unless I can get the manager at the club to "guarantee" that I'll be making the same amount of hours and tips that I currently am. 

I laughed. My manager laughed. The general manager laughed. 

This is New York, they aren't going to guarantee because that's a verbal contract and if Buffalo decides to be a bitch (like she has twice already) and the club doesn't open he'd still have to pay me for the hours because they were guaranteed or I could sue. No one is going to do that.

Thus, I am stuck putting some more money into my van than I really wanted to but my general manager did have a good point that if I put half of what the car payment would have been into my current car and half into my savings then I should be able to cut off future problems and in a few months be able to buy a used car out right. 

I'm rather in love with this idea right now. I'm trying really hard to not be discouraged with the situation and just add to my goal list and keep pushing forward.

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