Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Terminated From MGF

MGF just terminated my account yesterday.

At first I thought it was an oversight on their part because I hadn't broken any of the rules.
1. Do not request or accept offsite contributions.
2. Do not request the personal contact information of another member or send your own.
3. Do not post urls or advertisements of any kind anywhere on the site. 

 However, during the previous day I had been chatting with a guy who told me he followed me on twitter. The conversation went on to him asking about a custom project and asking if I was willing to do a strip tease out of a flag bikini. I told him I was but the one that I currently have is not easy to "strip tease" out of but if he wanted to pay for a new one I'd be more than happy to give him the video for free. Mygirlfund took this as me directing him to my wish list to purchase the bikini when we (the guy and I) both understood he would be sending contribution via the site so that I could purchase the bikini. Unfortunately, there is no reasoning with MyGirlFund once their mind is made up and they've declared you guilty. Thus, I will be posting on other sites until my 30 day "grounding" is up with MyGirlFund and then will be making a new account. 

What do you guys think my new name should be?

Dont forget to check me out on these other sites that have NEVER terminated my accountClips4sale | ExtraLunchMoney | IWantClips 

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