Saturday, November 16, 2013

Waiting and Filling Time

I am a woman of planning and waiting. Sometimes I feel like that's all life is. We make plans for ourselves as early as 5 years old then spend the rest of our life. Re-planning, omitting what we either decide doesn't suit us any longer or what we deem is an unrealistic goal. Then wait, wait and wait some more for our plans to either fail or come through.

I am a little bored with waiting. The idea of waiting is really rather depressing. Though I'm not depressed, or sad.

With winter around the corner and more time spent indoors I've picked up some old projects that had gotten lost in folders on my desk top. One is several web comics and awesomely enough a fellow camgirl has agreed to help me with illustrations (YAY!). Not that I couldn't have done the illustrations myself, that's what my vocational degree is in but still... It actually spurred me into doing some writing for things that had only been outlined (which I'll be posting later this week or next).

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