Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Last 4 Days

This weekend was supposed to be full of good news and new beginnings, but it fell flat and expensive.

Before I set out to Boise on Saturday to look at apartments and find out the details of moving down there I was welcomed by a flat tire. So I look it into the shop and discovered that I had to replace all my tires ($560).
Then I set out for my 6 hour drive which was filled with my youngest throwing up every half an hour and then a flock of turkeys decided to run across the road. Which I couldn't miss >.<

After the commotion I got out and looked over my van, it looked to be in decent shape and except for a handful of feathers stuck in my license plate looked like no real damage.

First, thing Monday we called and scheduled the apartment showings and went around looking. These were supposed to be in nice, family friend areas. They weren't. They were in the slums! With tweakers having fits in their front yards, "good ol' boys" flinging racial slurs and that doesn't even bring into account the fact that 95% of the apartments smelled of cat piss, has rust covered fixtures and multiple cranks around windows (heating nightmare).

We had planned to stay until Tuesday but we had no where else to see, so we decided to head home. About 200 miles in we still sparks coming from the back of the van, so we pull over to discover the tail pipe has dropped, we try to tie it up, but within 10 miles we hear the grinding again .... only thing time when we pull off to the side of the road we discover that the whole muffler has come off and is mangled and destroyed.

After calling tow trucks and road side assistance crews we were back on the road.

Today has been getting things back on track, which including taking the van into the shop and to get the muffler replaced. That's where I am right now..... waiting

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