Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th

Normal people freak me out. Everyone starts freaking out about Friday the 13th and I let the hysteria carry me.

Gah! I can be such a lamb to the slaughter some times!
I know the actual myths and don't know why I worry!

Here's what I know:
•There is no proof of there being a Friday the 13th myth until the 1900's which is mostly fueled by the media
•Friday is only considered to be unlucky because the christian church was threatened by some people celebrating the sabbath on that day
•Granted 13 is unlucky no matter which way you cut it, in darn near every religion and belief structure I have ever been able to find

But the last thing I know... I'm heading to bed, which means if I awake in the morning nothing bad happened ~_^

Hope you all had a blessed Friday and may the goddesses Freya and Frigga be kind upon you and everyone you love.

Blessed be ~_^

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