Friday, April 22, 2011

A witch's tale (unfinished)

The night was cold, much colder than it should have been for late April. There should have been showers, sure... no one would fault an April shower! However, this night... this night was different.

No sound could be heard on the city streets. No gun fire, no tires squeeling, no screams or tears cried. There wasn't even so much as a dog bark. Wives didn't mind if the husband came home late. They had no reason to think anything was up. They just assumed if there was a problem the husbands would speak up.

There was so much nothing going on that it wasn't right and it wasn't natural. Yet somewhere on the west side of that normally busy city a witch stared up at the ceiling of her apartment. She watched the shadows dance in the candle light... or was she? Her eyes were a pale gray and certainly not focused on the shadows that played about her.

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