Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Day Report

Every year I stress over this day. I hate negative surprises and I don't like being scared. (Trust me I'm enough of a worry wart as it is)

Well, as I was putting on my sweat pants and my sports bra I realized I survived. No one pranked me. I got an awesome present of several pairs of panties *claps*

The only negative thing that happened was....*drum roll* I lost my belly button ring! Heart breaking... actually, not really. I'm sad because one of my best friends got it for me for good luck when I started modeling, but I suppose me losing it means that the universe was saying "enough all ready". Right now I just have the crappy plain balls and bar in... I don't much care for how they look, but better than nothing.

So here's my updated list (so you guys can help keep track of me!)
•Replace still camera
•Buy laptop for more fun when traveling to gigs
•Buy more body candy

On top of my normal "pay everything off" goal :-P
Well, I'm off for sweet dreams after a fairly wonderful day!

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