Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Child of Sparta

A large yawn erupted from the small mouth of a girl that was no more than seven years old. Her black hair was spread out over the floor as the young girl lay back on her blanket holding the small binding of paper above her face, her arms hyper-extended as she stared at it. Her bright green eyes closed softly as her Aunt Sera’s voice resounded in her ears as she replayed the conversation over in her head.

“There are going to be many things in your life that you’re going to want to remember and if you learn to read and write… there’s no better way to record them!”
“But how do you know that?” Her Aunt Sera laughed, as the young girl stared back in confusion.
“Because, Wuzho Gajo, you have no idea what I would give to remember what it was like to be your age”
Those bright green eyes popped open as the image stopped playing in her head as she stretched out her body before rolling on her stomach and pulling two small objects out from under her bundle. It was a sharpened twig and a bottle of what appeared to be blood with a firm cork implanted in the top. She removed the cork, dipped the twig into it and began to write.

Hello my little book.
Aunt Sera gave you to me today, so I suppose since we are supposed to be very close introduction are the best way to begin. My name is Nyx, but everyone who’s anyone calls me Nixie; a brother and sister, Endymion and Sera, adopted me. Endymion is the Baro of our kumpania.
Today, according to Aunt Sera, is the day she discovered me, crying and alone in a pile of baby bones.
Such a horrible image isn’t it? Just picture it! Gives me shivers. The smell of decay and rotting flesh, but also these were people's children that they deemed "unworthy" of the greatness of Sparta. Makes me hate them, but Aunt Sera says it’s not good to hate.
Aunt Sera stated that’s why she plucked me up. After all, she didn’t know how long I'd been down there but I was surviving. I was proving my will to live was stronger than my Spartan parents gave me credit for, and at that moment Aunt Sera deemed me juvindo and welcomed me to the kumpania.

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