Tuesday, March 1, 2011

CT & MA :: Feb 15 - 17

I’m sure most of you read a couple of the things I posted on Facebook and Twitter about the horrible time I had in CT/MA. It was an exceptionally awesome trip… at least on set. I worked with 4 awesome photographers, got a beautiful addition to my tattoo, and will have some content for my site and some images for my portfolios. However, getting to each stage of the trip was problematic and all of it started on the first day!

Before we even hit the I90 we were pulled over by a Mt Morris cop who wanted to inform us that our headlight was out. As part of the normal cop speech he asked for my registration which to my horror was missing from my glove box. However, I had my old one and the proper tags on my car. So it was just the head light.
After several hours of driving I decided to stop for gas to find that my debit card was not working. GREAT! Thankfully they took checks so I was able to get gas. I don’t know what I’d have done if they hadn’t taken the check.
A few more hours of driving and the sun started to come up, but that's when my phone decided to die. No, not the battery -- the whole phone. Fully charged but won't turn on, so I don't have my schedule or the address for my shoot that is supposed to take place in an hour.
Thank the goddess that I do not travel ANYWHERE without my assistant, who had his laptop. So, we were able to pull out the real GPS (I named her Emily, she's canadian) plug in the address and on our way again.
I was so amazed that we hadn't even lost that much time that I decided since we were awake before 10am we'd get a McDonalds breakfast!
So good!
After breakfast we were on our way again and not even 1 mile from the shoot we here this flopping thudding sound and my heart dropped. A flat tire?
More than a flat tire! Someone had slashed two holes into my rear passenger tire!
Once again, my assistant to the rescue!
He changed my flat tire like a pro, and we were on the road again.
Plus the miracle of it all, we were only 15 minutes late!

The next day was quiet and a great fine art nude shoot.
The third and final day was when my tattoo was completed and photographed by Kevin Stiles. We shot in part of a studio building that I'm thinking was in the process of being remodeled but we got some killer images from the whole shoot.

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