Sunday, March 6, 2011

Devils Nite

I knew what “Devil’s Night’ was going to be well before I drove the two and a half hours to the hotel where everyone was already gathered. I couldn’t make the entire three day event, but I was going to at least be there for one day of the fun. Thankfully nothing happened to delay my arrival. I was afraid with all the recent car problems that the universe would conspire against me.

Gladly the universe decided to throw me a bone and I was able to get there in time to walk in on a dizzyingly sexy sight. Jupa told me as we went up to the fourth floor that there was shooting going on and so we would have to be quiet when we entered the room. Believe me, it was hard to stay quiet when my eyes quickly followed the only noise in the room (a chorus of three women moaning) to the far corner.

On a bench set up in the corner sat three naked women, tangled together in a gorgeous pile of tattooed skin. Ruby, Deborah and Indigo writhed, moaned fingered and licked each other while Jay directed the sexy scene from his knee’s between the open legs of one girl after another. It was so sexy I couldn’t take my eyes off it, which was just fine with me. I watched from the back of the room as photographers moved around the group snapping pictures and filming from various angles I wished I could watch from.

I only got to watch the last twenty minutes or so unfortunately. I would have liked to have seen the rest in person, but at least it gave me a break. I don’t think I could have lasted much longer just watching. Everyone had idea’s and things they wanted to shoot but since a lot of people just got done shooting everyone started splitting up for breaks. That’s when I got a chance to meet Indigo. We were going to shoot together and we got to know each other while discussing strap-on’s and dildo’s.

During our conversation we both were delighted to find that neither of us really had any strict plans of what we wanted to capture. So we started talking about what we wanted to get and an instant friendship was founded on mutual attraction.

The first scene I did after everything settled and I was introduced to people was with Indigo. If I didn’t love this girl before I shot with her, it would be impossible to not love her now.

She was gorgeous, her pale skin and dark ink contrasting stunningly. I was leaking by the time I finally felt her mouth on my pussy. She ate me so fucking good I thought I was going to lose my mind. By the time I came down from my orgasms I was ready to return the favor with the strap-on. She has such a great ass I had to fuck her from behind. I needed to be able to have full access after all.

While me and Indigo licked, sucked and fucked on the large bed in the room, there were photographers everywhere filming and taking stills. Sexier still, while me and Indigo frolicked, Jupa was getting his dick sucked. It was so hot to look over and see Deborah’s head bobbing up and down in Jupa’s lap. By the time we all finished filming we were all ready for more fun and frivolity.

After my first scene with Indigo, JD decided that he wanted to get some foot fetish videos of Indigo, I decided to tag along so I could grab a couple of pictures for them and my Blog. Well that didn’t exactly work because I got dragged into it!

As the scene was setting up Indigo complained that the tile was cold (and it was! Like ice!) So she asked if she could turn the Jacuzzi on to warm the room up. Well, soon she was butt first in the Jacuzzi, then completely in the Jacuzzi… and as if she was reading my mind she was beckoning to me. Jay, of course, had no objections to two girls in a hot tub. We played a little footsie and compared our feet size, she had such cute feet and her toe nails were painted a simple white; I just wanted to suck on them. Unfortunately, I never actually got too - maybe next time. We played with a long beaded chain with our toes. We’d wrap it around our feet and up our legs or stretch it between our feet. We eventually peeled Indigo’s stockings with our toes and continued playing with the beaded chain in the water. It was a really fun time and I am looking forward to having a lot more fun with her feet in the future.

After the foot fetish, Indigo and I started talking about what else we could do. A girl/girl point of view shot came up but then we discussed a two girl blow job. Which sounded like something so fun I couldn’t really turn it down! Plus Candace telling me to put my hair in pigtails so that the attractive stunt dick had something to hold onto was a stroke of genius!

If there is one thing I love more than sucking a tasty dick, it’s sucking it with another girl. Watching their technique, learning new tricks and just being able to watch someone suck cock so up close is exhilarating. Plus when they are as sexy as my new best friend Indigo, it doesn’t hurt matters either. My pussy was dripping from just the anticipation, of course watching Indigo’s perfect ass in her sexy yellow lingerie didn’t hurt things either. How’d she know that was my favorite color?! Once again the universe decides to love me!

We blew this guys brains out and I loved watching Indigo work. Her technique looked amazing. I knew how good it must have felt for the guy. Indigo had eaten me out earlier that afternoon and her mouth felt so good. It kind of seems now like I only really shot with Indigo. I loved working with her, and enjoyed every scene we did together.

I would have just liked to have done more with the other girls there. I didn’t actually get to do much after that scene. Other people had things planned and all the photographers got busy until it got late and everyone else started to wind down. A few people had energy, but we didn’t really do much else. I completely forgot that I had my little camera in my purse or we would have gotten a little more fun on video.

People will eventually learn Idle boobs are the devils playground! You can’t leave me alone for too long or I will begin entertaining myself and everyone around me. So while people left the main room and moved off to shoot things in the other rooms I got restless. By that time it was only a handful of us and the hour was getting really late. Indigo had to leave shortly and so did I. Everyone’s energy was diminishing around me so I took it upon myself to give the group a dose of energy. Stripping naked I began running around the room smiling and squealing

Thankfully someone had the presence of mind to keep a camera on them otherwise my insanity might have gone undocumented. Jupa was thankfully prepared for anything and had a camera on me moments after my bouncing began. I hope people like it when their models get goofy because these video’s are proof of how much of a goof I really am.

That was the absolute last thing I filmed before I left the hotel shortly after midnight for my drive home. My head was such a buzz I didn’t even notice the two and a half hours pass as I thought about everything. Everything I did and everything I want to do. I put thought into future shoots and the content I wanted to get done.

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for foot fetish things, so I really want to get more of that stuff done. I really want to get my scene done with Jay. He’s been owing me it for so long it hurts. I’d really like to get more girl/ girl done too. The strap-on scene was awesome, but I want to get more stuff with two or more girls involved.

Since leaving the hotel and all my new friends behind I regretted not being able to work with more of the girls. The drive home was filled with daydreams of all the naughty things I wish I had gotten to do. I wanted to get a better view of Deborah’s star tattoo and a taste of Hippies nipples. Thankfully since leaving everyone has been in touch and plans are in the works for more adventures.

I have to say my opinions about not only porn, but the industry and people within that industry have changed drastically over the past year. Thinking about the days I planned on becoming an accountant seem like a different life. I really enjoy what I do and the people I’ve gotten to meet. This has been a much better introduction to the industry than Bluemax. I’m just glad that Bluemax didn’t sour my attitude towards the entire thing. I’m really lucky I already had my first shoot with JD set up before I left for that trip, otherwise I might have decided to never try again.

I was thirty minutes into my drive home when I started wishing it hadn’t had to end. I wish I had been able to do the entire three days of the event and will definitely work my schedule so that I can next time. It was such a great and fun-filled day. Couple that with the awesome footage I got and I was high on happiness. I can’t wait to see and work with everyone again.


  1. IT was a pleasure ofcourse baby doll.I am so happy u had fun and made more friends.AND Yes u and I have some close time coming,people realize i am so ADD..Luv ya doll

  2. Yup, and I'm ADHD which i think explains the bouncing videos that Jupa got