Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why I Do It

I follow the 3 D's in life:Dedication,Determination, and Discipline

I'm not doing this to get some ass or cheat or anything like that,I do this cause one its fun and I get to live out a fantasy or two and show my work and two well Its porn,it does make money.

Yes, I like the money that I make from the fetish world because it allows me a free life. Plus if you're going to get fucked by a job.... literal is the way I'd like to go.

I love looking at my schedule and seeing :
•Small dick
•Chocolate shower
•Pussy shaving
•Balloon popping

Seems like its going to be a good day to me! Then throw in some pilates, a walk with my pups (if its not too cold!) and some chill time with my friends. Hot damn I'm a happy girl ^_^

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