Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Birthday Blowout

I always make sure to celebrate my birthday, I spoil myself that way. I can’t settle for a mediocre birthday and haven’t since I was a little girl. In my adult life I have organized some pretty wild and memorable bashes for myself and even had a surprise birthday party that practically turned into an orgy the day I turned 18. With this in mind I had to make sure this year did not disappoint.

Unfortunately I had been so busy with making up for lost time this month that my birthday nearly went by unnoticed. It wasn’t until I received a happy birthday message over Facebook that it hit me that it was my birthday and I had nothing planned. This would not do, not at all. I needed to have some kind of fun on my special day. I deserved it didn’t I?

I quickly texted a couple of girlfriends but they were all busy with shoots in other parts of the state. Sorry if you feel offended I didn’t think of contacting you. No offense intended, but if you feel offended I’ll remember to text you next time and invite you over for the fun.

Lucky for me I had a couple of guys I knew pretty well and I knew they were always down to party. I quickly sent out a few texts and confirmed a nice little gathering for the evening of the thirty-first. I couldn’t wait. My dreams were filled with thoughts fixated on the following evening and the fun I would have. I had partied with one of the guys a few times and he never failed to keep me amused.

I didn’t have any shoots on my birthday, though I would have loved to have gotten a chance to have fun in front of the camera on my special day. It was probably for this reason that I made sure my digital camera was fully charged as I made preparations for my party.

I knew the guys were bringing some liquor (I had told them to bring me a bottle of Jack Daniels) and probably a case or two of beer even though I hated the stuff. I spent the afternoon baking me a birthday cookie and some other goodies for the party. I needed to stay busy to keep from looking at the clock every five minutes awaiting six pm and the arrival of my guests.

Around four in the afternoon I decided to set up my camera in the bathroom and record me taking a shower, shaving and getting my hair ready for the party. I thought it would help take my focus off the evening to come. I decided on my favorite skirt and a simple white tank top for the party. I started digging through my decorations and found my birthday princess crown. I was so excited it didn’t come off my head all night (even though everything else did).

My friends started showing up and it was better than I thought. Two of my guy friends brought their girlfriends (sorry, I promised to keep names out of it for everyone’s safety) and I started thinking naughty thoughts. You all know how much I love to play with pretty girls, and one of them was just my type. I hoped they wouldn’t be prudes and keep the party from kicking off.

So there the seven of us were, four guys, me and two other girls pounding shots and watching the guys race through their beers. It was mostly just laughing, drinking punctuated frequently with light flirting for the first two hours. The night was off too a great start and we hadn’t made it through the first bottle. The other two girls managed to loosen up after the guys plied them with several shots.

After awhile three of the guys went out for a cigarette, leaving us girls alone with one of their boy friends. I don’t smoke cigarettes, so I make my friends that do smoke outside. It was a very cold night so I agreed to let them smoke in my laundry room instead, not wanting them to track snow or cold air into my house. Those of us that were left quickly began talking amongst ourselves and I silently made a mental note as one of the other girls was teasingly revealed to be bi-sexual.

After the other guys were gone a few minutes the guy that stuck around pulled out a joint. I saw his evil little grin as one of the other two girls said “Thank God” probably a little too loudly.

He laughed and brought the joint to his lips, fumbling in his pockets for a lighter. “Those other guys are going to miss out. Serves them right for breaking up the party.”

I laughed my drunk little bottom off and nearly missed my turn with the joint when it came around the rotation to me. We just kept laughing at the bad joke as the joint slowly burned down to nothing. I stood (way to quickly) and moved across the room to pour us all another shot. After beckoning them all to the table I had set up we toasted to the others misfortune and continued our bought of laughter. I was laughing so hard I nearly made whiskey come out of my nose, which I have to tell you was a new and horrible experience.

I started thinking that the rest of the guys had been gone awhile and started to wonder if maybe they were smoking something a little more than cigarettes themselves. So, being the wonderful hostess I am, I wandered through my house to my laundry room to see if anyone needed anything.

I didn’t even get to the laundry room before I found them. All three of them were in my bedroom huddled around my computer. Apparently all three of them had been on their way back when they saw a few images on my screen saver. I could only guess which images were eliciting the ooo’s and the ahh’s from the guys. My screen saver plays most of the images on my computer and I am an adult model.

They still didn’t notice I was there as one of them was asking another “Do you think she’s done anything more hardcore?” his friend couldn’t answer; but my screen saver could. Just then a series of images I had just received from a JDevil began passing over the screen. Mouths went agape and the crotch I could see bulged. I couldn’t help but feel giddy about what was happening.

Maybe it was the booze, or maybe the joint (I get so horny when I smoke weed) but I cleared my throat and watched them all jump - boys are so cute. “You boys find anything interesting?” I asked trying to keep my voice casual. I like making boys squirm sometimes, its funny.

They all turned and stared at me, not knowing what to say as more of the images of me with my lips wrapped around a delicious piece of meat flashed across the monitor. My pussy started dripping as I looked past them at the pictures and started thinking about the shoot. It was so hot! I can’t wait to shoot with Devil Girls again. Or maybe I just needed to get my mouth around some dick.

I stepped more into the room, wobbly on my legs and pushed the door closed behind me. One of the guys was a charmer and came right to my rescue. Steadying my balance he offered me the computer chair but I just smiled at him. “I’ll just get on the floor” I said softly, smiling wickedly as he looked at me with confusion etched into his face. I already decided he’d be the first as my plan started formulating in my head.

“You guys never answered my question.” I said as I dropped to my bedroom floor sitting on my knees and looking up at them. “Did you boys find anything interesting?” I asked again, but got only blank stares. God, why are boys so dense sometimes. “You know, none of you guys brought me a present” I continued, ignoring their silence.

One of the guys spoke up instantly, mock agitation in his voice. “Hey, I bought your whiskey.” His eyes were locked on my tits as he spoke, so I let the strap of my loose tank top fall down my right arm. The collar of my shirt dropped over the top of my right breast but stopped perched haphazardly on the nipple. I watched his eyes and crotch bulge simultaneously. I loved it. I love watching boys get hard. But I knew they weren’t going to make a move until I did.

So move I did. Slowly I pulled myself by my hands to my knees and crawled a few feet until I was on the floor at his feet. The charmer was standing next to him and I looked up at both of them smiling while their friend got an unobstructed view of my ass as my little skirt rose up over my hips. Looking directly at the guy that bought my bottle I locked eyes with him and smiled. “I’ll have to thank you for that hun, but I already decided your friend here gets to go first.”

They looked extremely confused. The air was thick with tension, so much so that my little knight jumped as I began running my hand up his leg towards his crotch. He was so torn it was adorable. Caught between upbringing and sexual desire. GOD, BOYS ARE SOOOO CUTE!!

My right hand reached his zipper and pulled it down as my left pushed its way into his pants search for his hardening cock. Pulling it out it was hard nearly instantly. Not the biggest in the world, but big enough for what I wanted. I instantly started running the tip of my tongue along the underside of the shaft as I watched his eyes roll into the back of his head. His moans were low, almost a whimper. I don’t think he had very much experience and was off in his own little world.

His friend, the guy that boasted about purchasing my booze quickly grabbed my left and placed it on his already hard dick. God he couldn’t wait could he. “I told you, your friend gets to go first. If you want to play, get the camera off my desk and take pictures.” With that said I pushed as much of the dick in front of me into my mouth as I could. So warm, so tasty; my third favorite flavor behind Dr. Pepper and Chocolate.

It took a few minutes for the other guys to get in gear. While the guy I had told to take pictures turned on my camera (his dick still hanging from the front of his pants) the third guy started rubbing my ass and lifting my skirt. What a little pervy, he was the boyfriend of one of the girls still sitting with the fourth guy in my living room.

I pulled the dick from my mouth, jerking it fast and rubbing it against my cheek as I turned my head to talk to the boy copping feels of my ass. “You don’t get to play until your girlfriend tells me it’s okay” I teased before turning my head an inch and taking the head of the dick back into my mouth.

The third guy gave me the naughtiest of smiles and jumped to his feet. “Get her permission? I’ll have her down there with you.” With that he was out the door and off to gather his girlfriend. I moaned around the flesh in my mouth and my pussy creamed thinking about another girl next to me servicing these three guys. I still haven’t done that on film and have been really looking forward to it when I get the chance.

In no time the third guy was back with his girlfriend in tow. I don’t think she believed what was going on because the look of shock on her face when she saw me on the floor with a cock in my mouth was beyond priceless. It began somewhere in disbelief and ended with an expression of wanton lust. It was just as those two made it through the door that the first flash from the camera went off.

It was like someone dropped a grenade; everyone but me and the guy holding the camera jumped and froze (including the guy in my mouth). Slipping my lips from his dick slowly I looked up at him. “What’s wrong? You don’t want a few pictures to remember me by? No one has to be in them that doesn’t want to be, but I’d love some pictures from tonight.” I licked his head slowly before adding “Don’t you want a souvenir?”

To haze over some lengthy negotiations, two of the guys agreed to be on film. The guy I had been sucking caved easily and his friend working the camera couldn’t have cared less. Unfortunately the other girl and her boyfriend declined any mementos. A pity really. We spent two and a half wonderful hours in my bedroom. After a thorough round of blowjobs and two nice loads of ’frosting’ we sat and recovered for a few minutes.

Me and the other girl laid naked wrapped around each other while the three guys sat at the end of my bed and in my computer chair sharing a joint. It was while we were all enjoying our sexual high quietly that we started hearing the moans from the living room. We had completely forgotten the other two and apparently they had decided to entertain themselves.

My house saw more action that night than it has seen in too long! We quickly moved out into the living room, shocking the two orphans in the living room as the five of us entered completely naked. We didn’t give them a chance to back out and pounced on them like sex crazed animals. The girl I had been playing with moved to the floor next to her friend and looked her in the eyes as she took the girls boyfriend into her mouth. I didn’t see anything that she did past that as I hopped onto the couch and pushed my pussy in the guys face. He was the only guy left I hadn’t made eat my pussy, now I just had the two girls left.

Needless to say I had a phenomenal birthday this year. This years party set the bar really high for next year but I am determined to beat it. If anyone has any idea’s email me. It sucks that I have to wait another year for a party like that. Maybe I should plan a get together just for kicks? I will be editing the pictures and video’s from that night (yes there are lots of pictures and video’s).

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  1. That is a really hot story! Do you think that's the night you got pregnant?

  2. No, I'm due in late Nov so I would have gotten pregnant the end of feb