Thursday, February 2, 2017

Feeling Melancholy

I can't see anything but the bills I'm paying, the time I'm losing... Dreamless nights and nightmarish days. There's a voice inside my head that's gone quiet. Every step I'm taking, every move I'm making feels lost with no direction. Futile attempt to make something happen that never comes to be.

My faith is shaking but I've never known how to quit. I'm fighting to keep my head held high....

I'm so tired of staring down this mountain, screaming that I'm capable of making it move. Why does everything have to be an uphill battle? Why does every win feel like a set up for a lose?
Time is marching on and it's starting to matter how fast I can get there.

The struggles I'm facing.... the choices I'm making...
I'm not knocked down, but I know I'm not broken.

All I can do is just push on...

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