Thursday, August 11, 2016

Jealous Little Liars

I think it's rather funny that I make it a point to tell the truth unless its not my truth to tell.

Before the 4th of August I'd been taking videos and pictures mostly to promote the club but when they club was slow and empty
                               because they failed to do their  job and bring in  customers
I'd record longer videos of myself and Saphira (whom I have a release from and proper 2257 documentation), which if they "turned out" well I'd post on my stores. Due to the low light and the camera phone element the videos the videos rarely sold and when they did I made a profit of one whole dollar.

Apparently a couple of girls got it into their head that they were being filmed for their site. Why they thought this when they signed releases to Alexander's Lounge and not Illianna Dahl, I do not know. Yet, that's what they thought. They thought I was profiting on their videos and images that they took for club promotion. Their promotion content NEVER ended up on my sites but at Alexander's Lounge its never been innocent until proven guilty so because I enjoy the club I caved to lies and bullies.
I removed 90% of my content last night and the rest should come down over the following weeks. I am so frustrated right now and feeling so low that I don't know what to do. Everyone is giving me the advice that I'd give myself. "Let it go and move on" but my stomach is in knots.
I started stripping 3 years ago because I figured in the strip club I would find girls like myself. With the same or at least similar ideals. Figured I'd be mostly surrounded by girls who wouldn't judge me for doing porn even if it "wasn't for them". Nope, just more mightier than thou, prudish and jealous people who have to make up stories to make themselves feel important.
I found but a bunch of trifling, shiftless, good-for-nothing cunts.
Why these girls try to be such ugly and disrespectful creatures I really don't know. I really dont understand. They are living contradictions! Ignorant little nothings that are full of unfulfilled ambitions! They wax and wane, because they NEED complain! If they aren't running their mouth about someone else's business that has NOTHING to do with them then they add lies to "spice it up" and make it seem like they're a victim.
Hopefully, this makes them more money because causing their strife for entertainment value is disgusting.  What, you love to hear yourselves talk but arent able to give explanation or facts!
These people are loving being another persons's judge and jury! They cant control their own lives so they have to feel like they have control over someone else's.
Its whatever though, she said she'd start shit with me and my videos.... my outside the club money was the only thing she could fuck with. Even though I had permission to shoot videos, sell videos... they're all going to be taken down and for what?
What does this solve?

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