Saturday, June 25, 2016


Ok, I've been a bad girl and haven't updated this in a while. I blame MyGirlFund, I used to blog regularly there because if I didn't I'd have lots of people asking for the next installment and well.... the rest of the internet isn't that invested in me I guess. :(

My van is gone, I just have my little car now. Which apparently was sold to me with illegal tinting which I am working on tackling. I am also working on getting my stores caught up since I've been filming like crazy but forgetting to upload on all platforms (SORRY!)

The club has been shit which has meant longer hours with less profit which has killed my moral which is what I am blaming for the lack of uploading. I promise I will be fixing that, but remember you can always help keep me going by sending me requests and commissioning custom pieces! (Presents are also neat)

I am planning on getting a lot of stuff filmed and accomplished this summer, plus this fall and winter are having new opportunities opened up for exhibitionism. I'm excited.

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