Tuesday, September 30, 2014

BFF - Another Update

My west coast BFF has come and gone. Her trip went beautifully. I'm very content and have been releasing content as I finish it. YAY!

My east coast BFF keeps getting weirder. Her boyfriend has finally allowed the idea of PORN to marinate in his brain and it might actually be a tolerable thing. He even let her do a blowjob video with him. YAY!

We've been discussing ways for things to go back to normal and my east coast bff thinks she's come up with an idea... that 3some that he initially denied (Boys are weird!), On the bright side though he's willing to sign the release and we'll film it. I've got my fingers crossed but my stomach is in a few knots over this but .... I've always been one thats willing to "take one for a team". I just really hope this doesnt come to bite me in the ass.

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