Wednesday, February 25, 2015

So much crap lets see if I can squeeze it?

Thanksgiving: I ended up getting into a fight with my sister-in-law which ended with me kicking her out of my house and the cops showing up because they thought my husband was abusing me. My neighbors suck. The potatoes are cold, the crescent rolls and gravy are burned. The turkey is hard as a rock along with the stuffing..... ugh. The only thing that survived was the pie.

January - Didnt lock my car so all my stuff was stolen. Including my car charger, lighter and little cup that held my toll money.
My brakes gave out and had to be fully replaced (Total Cost: $700)
December: Decent month, except for the drama from Annie and her now ex-boyfriend. Are they together? Arent they? What do you mean you need to borrow money? More money? Can I bring your kids their presents from my kids? No? When? (Still waiting on this, to be honest)

February: Annie finally decided to leave her boyfriend and start dating her ex-boyfriend that treats her like shit! Seriously, I've started calling him Christian Grey in my head. Her ex-boyfriend apparently found my clips4sale (after I'd republished the content I had removed because she got mad and said that she never wanted me to take it down she just didnt want to do her own videos any more) but she didnt care about that. SO I moved on with my life. She doesnt care. I dont care. The End...right? NOPE! He downloaded some gifs and got a debit card.... HUGE DEAL. She cares. So, she cries and moans about how I dont have permission to have them up.... even though the release, consent form and a number of other documents beg to differ. I take them down.

Now, the main focus on life is getting into a bigger apartment so I can do more smoking videos and balloon fetish.

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