Friday, December 13, 2013

How To Talk Dirty

You've heard it before. All most guys need to get turned on is for you to show up naked with a six-pack of beer. We might be making huge generalizations for the sake of comedy with that statement, but more times than not, there is a lot of truth in it.

But if you really want to drive your man wild, there are a few tips that might help you become less tongue-tied in the bedroom. You don't have to talk like a trucker or be sexually experienced to be able to say things that will drive your man crazy. All you have to do is put the focus on his needs, wants and he'll go out of his mind. A little dirty talk can go a long way, and it's a great way to make sure that he pays attention to your desires.

Here are a few suggestions for dirty talk in the bedroom:

1. "What do you want me to do to you?" Ask him what he wants. Some women get performance anxiety in sexual situations and are so worried that your partner is going to judge her for one thing or another that she herself is insecure about that they forget what they're doing and what makes a sexual moment intimate. Ask him what he wants you to do. You'll both be surprised when you can make his dreams come true.

2. "You drive me crazy!" Give him compliments about his sexual prowess. Everyone wonders whether or not they're good in bed. Focus on one thing that he does well, and tell him. Making him more confident will enhance his performance. Don't invent things. If he's a bad kisser, don't tell him he's good. Focus on the things that he's really TRULY good at...

3. "You have got a rockin' six-pack abs." Give him a compliment. You know how much hearing something nice about your own body makes you feel great. He's been working out at the gym just hoping that you'd notice, now is the best time to tell him that you did notice.

4. "Kiss me there again." Tell him exactly what you want to do, exactly where you want him to do it. He will follow your direction and knowing that he knows "your secret" will make him feel special and deepen your bonds of intimacy.

5. "Do me now!" Make sure that you're communicating where you are in your journey of pleasure. When you feel like you need to be satisfied, make sure you let him know that now is the time. It's a give and take, you don't have to be a referee about it but try to maintain a balance.

6. "That was fantastic!" Don't miss out on the moments of happy afterglow when you can tell him how much he pleased you. This can lead to a great conversation and a lot of shared laughter. And most likely an invitation to do it again.

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