Friday, January 10, 2014

Hopeful 2014

Over the last year my husband and I have been looking to get into a bigger apartment so that I'll have more room to shoot as well as film and he'll have room do actually get his book written, polished and published. We've actually been talking about moving back home (Buffalo) and have been looking at apartments and have discovered that if we are able to get an apartment to approve us then we'd also be approved for a mortgage.

So, right now we are trying to see if we can actually pull the little bit of extra down payment money to be able to do it. That's really the only difference in "cost" initial move in costs. My husband tends to be a little wishful thinking and is certain that we can do this, this year. I'm a little hesitant but I have no problems putting my pedal to the metal to see if it can actually make this happen because the extra space would be awesome.

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