Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I have the power

Over the last week, I have been conversing with a local photographer who shoots more erotic and pornographic material. He has the technique but I require more. If I'm just looking for a camera man, there are multiple options at my disposal which is the perk of having been in the adult industry for over 3 years now. This photographer had contacted me over ModelMayhem last year and we'd set up tentative plans, however before secure and confirmed plans could be set up. He blocked me without reason or explanation.

A few weeks ago he added me on Fetlife. I messaged him and questioned this. He replied,  
Now that I know you are a web cam girl things make sense. I am open to shooting content for you if you are interested. I prefer to shoot couples so if you and your hubby want to do a set please let me know. I would shoot on a trade basis
 Multiple messages were then exchanged, regarding the fetishes I shoot and the places I travel for certain fetishes because in my home area certain fetishes are not able to be accomplished because of laws and restricts. We then started discussing the content to be produced and he suggested "a damsel in distress theme where the damsel doesn't get rescued". I pointed out that such content (damsel in distress) is not something that the majority of my fans were looking for. He asked what I was looking for and stated as I have above that
Right now I'm looking for a creative collaboration, something more than just a camera man
Conversation hit a bump at that point, he basically stated that he was only after "Fuck tapes" because they didn't need creativity.

 He stated that I would need him if I wanted to strive for "top quality". I stated that where I was in my life that this was just a means to an end, I wasn't looking to be a "brazzer" girl or in a "reality king" video, and had even less desire to be a Suicide Girl or a Playmate. My arena was "amateur" because it allows me to still be the "mother" that is my first priority. I pointed out that in the amateur arena creativity matters, and that quality once you hit a certain level does not mean a pay difference thus at this time has little impact into my choices of "standard camera man" but if said "camera man" could bring more to the table then I would be more interested in using him.

Pointing out these facts seems "rude" to him, because I wanted him to be more than a tripod with a brain.
Illianna: I don't make more by using you, but you get a free sex show. Thus you need to bring more to the table which you obviously are incapable of doing.
(Photographer): No need to get rude. If all you want to be in amateur that's cool with me
 Illianna: I am not being rude, I am giving you a chance to explain how you can benefit me. I am a professional, profit lines are what matter. "Quality" doesn't make more. HD vs Standard sell equal and for the same price.I've worked with "Professional" Porn studios and have done the research, the big money is in "amateur" right now. Guys are tired of wondering if they are actually seeing a girl cum or if she's faking it.
I'm sorry, I am from New York. We're blunt when it comes to this kind of stuff.
I've laid out what I believe you'd be getting/benefiting from me. I've stated that I'm looking for a creative collaboration because in the amateur world that's where the money lines and you declined.
I'm sorry if you cant handle the truth, but this is where things stand.
Best of luck
 He then proceed to state how his qualifications out weighted my direct contact with my clients and customer base. He made it very clear, that he was not interested in making quality porn he was only after making HD "fuck tapes" which is not something that I am willing to do for trade. Apparently that makes me a bitch.

He was rude, unprofessional and the true definition of creep. In 4 years in this business spanning 15 states I have NEVER spoken with a man with more delusion of grandeur and overall CREEP status in my life.

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