Wednesday, May 15, 2013

3 Things NOT To Do When You Cant Sleep

So, I cant sleep so what do I do when I cant sleep? I look up random shit. On tonights agenda "What NOT to do when you cant sleep".

#1 - Dont Stay In Bed
I was rather excited to see this one as I sat at my desk cursing myself for getting out of bed. According to Nitun Verman M.D. if you're having difficulty falling asleep laying in bed under the covers "forcing" yourself to go back to still will most likely backfire. Instead it is better to get up and find an activity that is somewhere between stimulating and boring, like reading a few chapters in a book. The goal is to guide your mind into focusing on something but not over stimulating yourself. After you've done this for a while, go back to bed. Falling asleep should occur more easily.

#2 - Dont Drink Alcohol
Now, I try not to judge but really? What makes people do this? Drinking alcohol never makes me feel sleepy. However, according to Verman this is a bad idea because your arousal threshold will be lower so you will wake more easily and get a lower quality of sleep.

#3 - Dont Indulge in Late-Night Web Surfing
Yea, how'd I find these "helpful" tips. Doing exactly what I'm not supposed to... yay me! This is a bad idea because the light that emanates from smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices can actually keep you alert when you should be getting sleepy.

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