Thursday, September 6, 2012

Did ya every have one of those days where the word "frustrating" just doesn't cover it... for those of you who don't know yesterday afternoon while I was at a shoot my youngest daughter threw a teething fit in my husbands arm and knocked our only computer (a laptop) to the ground -- shattering the screen!

I called my mom to see what she could do to help my situation and she pointed out that my old laptop was still at her house in its case. SCORE! I thought. Not quite. This laptop is from 1998.

Has no web cam built in, no microphone, and only ONE USB hub, but I figured "Hey, something is better than nothing"

So I took the dinosaur home.

Do you know what else I found? It doesn't recognize wifi, doesn't know what a thumb drive is and the only way it can hook up to the internet is dial-up... yea, there's NO Ethernet cord! I feel old. This is the laptop I used in High School HOW THE FUCK!

This stuff cant be that new.... or so I thought, then I realized that my 10 year reunion... not that far away >.< Holy crap! Just added to my frustration and need to cry. But I held it together "Illi, BREATHE!"

I pretty much wasted almost all of my day trying to figure out a way to upgrade the OS. FAIL!

I tried to plug my phone in to use its internet (figured I could go to Microsoft's website and get all the updates) but that didn't even work. Plugging my phone in just confused the poor computer even more!

After I spent all morning installing and downloading and waiting... Nothing good!

I ended up just STOMPING my feet on tumblr!

Which was the most productive thing I did because one of my awesome fans saw it, went to my Amazon wish list and bought me the laptop that got smashed!

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