Thursday, August 9, 2012

EdenFantasys: Enchantress Playful Ties

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This EdenFantasys piece is the perfect thing if you're like me and aren't into hardcore bondage. The Enchantress Playful Ties set is slightly flimsy but it is designed for light bondage right down to the point where the ties don't leave marks (a huge plus in my book!). A photographer friend of mine that I shot these ties with, Kevin, said it best "Its made for people who WANT to be tied up".

The set comes in two colors. I picked pink, I'm not sure why but now I'm thinking about getting the blue as well so that I can mix and match. (I'm weird! Dont judge :-P)

Enchantress Playful Ties - BDSM kit              Enchantress Playful Ties - BDSM kit

The set is designed for women who wear a medium or smaller, unfortunately any larger and I'd be afraid the garment would rip. Again, this is a light bondage kit and should not be used for extreme play. You'll ruin it.

I personally liked the wrist bands and found that they went well with other "normal" outfits. I enjoyed them greatly with my all black outfits when I wanted to add a PUNCH of color. Just tie the piece of satin that connects around your wrist too and no one would suspect that this wasn't its purpose.

The collar is comfortable, soft and closes with velcro. I would have prefered for it to be a tie closure as well, since the velcro gets caught in my hair and tends to pull which is slightly uncomfortable and distracting to the play.

I would recommend this product to others who enjoy light bondage it does exactly as its supposed to. It flatters the figure and gives your partner the bondage they want without causing discomfort to you.

As far as care and maintenance, just like many pieces sold by EdenFantasys of this delicate nature I'd recommend hand washing it and line drying. If you decide to throw them in a lingerie bag and into the washer be sure not to include the collar, the velcro may catch on and destroy other things.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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