Saturday, January 28, 2012

My View of Agencys

"Some models would rather promote themselves instead of listing through an agency. Nothing wrong with this but it does require more work on your part. If your are signed with a model agency, they promote the business, they talk to the clients on your behalf, they set up the shooting dates, they take the heat if you don't make it to the session, etc.
But, there are many models who are "loners" in the pool of modeling and want complete control over who they work with and why."

Yes! Because anyone who wants complete control over their career MUST be a "loner". This is the thinking that the agency's WANT you to have, that you can't really do it without them.

Question is, if you do sign up with an agency you need to make sure they are legit and are going to hold up to what they say they are going to do.

Some agencies will promise to make sure to get you to and from shoots, airports, bus stations, and recreation places. But will they? I've experienced and heard horror stories where girls didn't make it to shoots because the agent didn't plan appropriately or were up to 3 hours late because of the agents mismanagement. The above statement would want you to believe that the agent took the heat for their late or lack of arrival. But in many cases you'd be wrong. Studios are harsh, especially in this world of social networking. Tweets get sent out constantly that certain models didn't show up... a studio announces that they won't be booking that model again because 'she's nothing but a flake'. Causing a form of BLACKLISTING.

A great deal of agencies will offer to help you:
•become a cam girl
•get a clips4sale store
•create you a Facebook Fanpage
All of which anyone can do! So this really isn't anything more than a time saver, and that's if they are doing the up keep on it.

Some agencies will offer to buy you the clothes, accessories, or phyiscal improvements (hair coloring, waxing, mani/pedi ect) but they actually end up taking that back out of your earnings on top of their 10-25%

Don't forget they're probably going to make you travel out of your home area and you're going to either have to pay for your own food and lodging or that's going to come out of your earnings as well.

•If YOU'RE paying for the lodging then it should be someplace you'd be willing to pay for
•If an agent states in their contract that they handle something and they don't, CALL THEM ON IT
•Just because you're in porn DOES NOT MAKE YOU A DOOR MAT!

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