Wednesday, July 27, 2011

8 things I learned while traveling!

1. Rent-a-cops are nazi's that don't understand that SOME TIMES you have to park at a store to reset a GPS and that TWO MINUTES isn't loitering
2. PA and NJ drivers need to chill with their brights and their horns (yes, I'm that bitch that takes her foot off the pedal when you flash your brights and brakes when you tail gate!)

3. I love driving when I don't have to worry about gas, or the world around me. Traveling long distance by car to gigs and having to worry about a budget SUCKS
4. Car batteries are EXPENSIVE!
       4a. Flat tires only happen when its storming
       4b. Spare tires MEAN their life expectancy and when you hit it, its going to be when the other tire has a nail in it
       4c. Pep-Boys cant fix any flat to their satisfaction and are out for all they can steal for tires
5. Philly...wait...strike that, PA wants me dead
6. PA's rest areas are elusive. Google says they exist but I rarely found one when I needed it
7. New York Toll Roads -- Apparently you are not supposed to rest at the rest stops. If your toll ticket is more than an hour older than what they think it should be they will harass you upon exiting. Guess they didnt read the Federal Highway cmmissions recommendations on how to use rest stops. So, if you do not like playing twenty questions at seven in the morning you are going to want to keep off of the toll roads in New York State -- but if you enjoy telling the toll keepers what the Federal Highway Commission says then you might enjoy your mornings ^_^
8. I need to check and see if WV is pro gay marriage because with the number of twists and turns in their free way system if they're not I'm screaming hypocrit!

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  1. Nice post! Awesome!
    Thanks for sharing, Illianna, I enjoyed the visit. ;D