Friday, September 30, 2011

Plans & Updates

I know I haven’t written a Blog in a long while (almost two months) but if you’d read my previous one and been following my tweets and Facebook updates then you more than understand why. Well, thankfully I’ve finally got some time to myself and figured I should throw something together. As most of you know I am currently pregnant and in my third trimester, which is draining as it is time consuming. I will be making greater efforts to keep my blog updated, but you can count on the flow of content picking up (if you haven’t already seen a steady increase).

Finally off the road and back home, the next few months will be settling into my new apartment and getting my baby’s room set up. Even though this will take up a lot of my time, I plan on filming and making as much fun of it as I can. There are hundreds of videos I want to shoot while I get my apartment, studio and baby’s nursery set up.

During the end of my pregnancy I plan on filming as much content as I can. Along with the dozens of requests, I have some interesting ideas for clips centered around my tummy. Some wet and messy nursery painting with my belly as well as good old fashioned smut. When the baby is born, I’ll be making sure I get several lactation videos shot as well as much breast worship as I can.

Knowing my body the way I do, I will be back to one hundred percent in no time. I don’t gain much weight during pregnancy (15lbs so far and counting) and I heal rather quickly. However, there are a few things I am looking forward to being able to do to my body, once it is mine again. New ink, piercings and toning; The months following the baby’s birth will be ones of change and improvement.

I’m determined to finish my back piece which is mostly just shading at this point and a few more flower buds here and there. Nothing too major, and only a couple hundred dollars. I also have been thinking about getting a tattoo somewhere around my hips… haven’t fully decided yet since 11:fifty really doesn’t like tattooed models and I do enjoy working with them so… I don’t know, still deciding but I know I do want to add a tattoo around my ankle. Its going to be rosary style but I want it to be more of a charm bracelet. I’m still sketching out the charms I want on it but it should be fairly interesting once its done.

Right now the only concrete plan I really have on the table is getting my nipples re-pierced. I had them pierced once before but about 3 weeks after I had them done I found out I was pregnant with my first child and ended up having them removed. Very sad! Especially when I look in my jewelry box and see all these pretty nipple shields that I have no use for any more… they’re taunting me! So I figure after the baby is born and I’m done breast feeding that’s where I’ll be going next. I’d like to do something more with my ears, but I figure start with my nipples and expand from there.

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