Friday, September 10, 2010

Why so serious?

So I was looking through blogs tonight because I couldn't sleep and I noticed that most blogs (at least model blogs) are basic like "what I did today" and stuff like that. I feel sort of like an odd ball. But then again what's really going on in your head when you read the other blogs?

I really like to make people think. Look at themselves and ponder a moment. I may have said this before but I love picking peoples brains, finding out what they believe but more importantly WHY they believe it.

You could believe that "your god is an awesome god" and its your every right to believe that, but don't be surprised if I ask you "if your god is an awesome god, what about the others?" Because if he's awesome there has to be something to compare it to.... right? Or maybe just simply "why is he awesome?"

I want to know if you believe what you believe because of something inside yourself or because someone at some point told you to.
Do you believe the sky is blue? What do you mean yes?
Do you believe the war in Iraq is truly protecting AMERICAS freedom? Are you sure?
Is my grass really any greener than yours? No, seriously... have you seen my grass? Ha! I live in apartment! I don't have grass!

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