Monday, March 17, 2014

Money, or Loyalty

A camgirl I really like posted saying that she was unfollowing anyone who still worked for Mygirlfund. That she could not justify associating with anyone who witnessed what she and dozens of others have dealt with because of the site.

Fine. That's completely her decision but it seems really stupid to me. The things I saw were ...

Listed in the TOS of "could happens".
-Dont talk bad about other girls
-Dont talk bad about the site

Then there's the things that ALL sites say
-Protect yourself
-Remember anyone who REALLY wants to find you will

Lastly there's the things that you have to deal with whether your a camgirl or in any other job that deals directly with customers.
-Dont fall for scams
-Get the money upfront
-Dont let douche bags get to you

If there was something more than that I didn't witness it.

When I worked at [Censored] a bunch of girls quit when the manager left because the "perks" went to hell, but it was still a high paying job so I didn't.

"You're helping make those scum bags more money"
They have a site that does a LOT of things that no other sites do and it works for me. I'm a Ferengi, I'm not going to turn down HUNDREDS of dollars a week because a handful of girls had problems. Making my ends meet will always trump camgirl loyalty but that is simply because my children come first.

My logic
Working on Mygirlfund > Working in a dive strip club

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