Saturday, March 8, 2014

Camming: Personal Issues

Over the last few months I’ve been able to really trouble shoot my issues with doing the “live” cam thing. 
What I have come up with is that when I’m (for the most part) physically alone in a room I feel weird talking out loud which greatly hinders my potential as a camgirl.

I’ve talked with a bunch of other camgirls and real life friends ; we’ve come to the conclusion that I need to do SOMETHING to get me out of this shell especially with the BIG GOAL lumming over me this week.
What I’ve decided is that while I work to move into a bigger apartment and do about half a dozen professional shoots that I should do a vlog. It’ll give me a chance to learn to “talk to myself” as I call it. 
Depending upon internet stability while I’m on the road they may not be posted/available right away, but they will be once everything settles down. 
That’s my plan… wish me luck!

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