Friday, February 14, 2014

Short Story: Love, Money and Survival

Chrissy sat there at her desk, tapping her finger nails on her desk as she looked over at Louis as he curled up and went back to sleep. Her eyes darted to the clock... almost 1pm.

Louis had woken her up early so that she could drive him to all the errands he had to run and still make it to work on time when the clock chimed 7am. He'd ripped her out of bed only to change his mind after she'd showered and gotten ready. He didn't feel like it. He was too tired. Fury rose up in her, she was sick of this.

Chrissy picked up her empty mug and crumbled at the fact that it was out of coffee. Then she'd remembered that he'd "accidentally" taken twenty cash back off of her card when he'd picked up groceries last. So, since he was sleeping and had told her that the money had been in his wallet she got up and snatched up his wallet. Digging through it to find NOTHING. She slammed the wallet back down on his desk, envisioning ripping open his face with her French tipped squared nails.

"I wonder what its like to sleep and know that someone else is going to pay all your bills" she was furious and she really didn't know where to take her anger next. She contemplated waking him. Demanding to know where HER money was. He'd over spent and caused a handful of expenses over the last 11 days that it literally made her ill, but what was she supposed to do?

Kicking him out wasn't really an option. She'd tried before and when things would improve she'd take him back because at the heart of everything she really did love him. It was stupid. He loved cigarettes and alcohol far more than he'd ever love her and she knew that regardless of how he designed it.

Minutes ticketed away where she was literally getting nothing done. Her annoyance was far too high and rent depended on her completing this project but the fact that he spent money he didn't earn so willy nilly without consulting her pissed her off.

Louis had claimed to still have it but since it wasn't where he said it was she knew he'd been sent it on alcohol. She started scratching at her arm, so annoyed.

She felt so helpless, all she could do was work harder. Hide money and pray for the best. It was no way to live... but what other choice did she have?
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