Monday, November 14, 2011

Cracked & Abscessed

So I went to the dentist today and was hoping they’d be able to fill or crown or pull it, something to help with the tooth I cracked. Well, no such luck they took a bunch of x-rays which were exceptionally painful considering the apparatus that they had to use and all it did was tell them what I already knew on Thursday when I cracked it. That the tooth is cracked to below the gum and that the tooth has an abscess.

Guess what! 4 x-rays and 3 hours later do you know what they found out? That the tooth is cracked below the gum and that the tooth is abscessed!


So they gave me a script for an antibiotic after spending 45 minutes figuring out an antibiotic they could give me that wouldn’t harm the baby or cause me to break out in hives. Then they told me I have to make an appointment with my OB and get cleared to be put under so that they can remove the tooth, even though everyone in the office agreed that having an abscess could be harmful to the baby.
Plus they took so fucking long to figure that part out that the OB’s office was closed by the time I got out of there and so now I have to wait till morning to call and they probably wont be able to see me as quickly as I’d like so I probably wont actually be able to have the tooth pulled until next week.

This is why I cant stand modern medicine. If my water breaks its an emergency and I need to call an ambulance but if a tooth is abscessed and could cause complications with the pregnancy its also an emergency but can wait a week….maybe two.

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