Friday, January 21, 2011

A Reworking on a Blog Gone Missing

I was told that I need to make a new entry, most likely because the last three blogs I have written are not able to be published due to a wonderful contract that I stupidly signed.

A great deal has occurred over the last month from and while several days were filled with nothing productive but things that can be found in non-disclosure agreements and things of the like. Feeling extorted and essentially robbed of my time. Lies and lack of communication filled my first two weeks within the new year, which is not a good way to start if you ask me. Especially since I am a control freak. The only thing that was good that came out of my time at the beginning of the month was that I learned a great deal about myself.

I have no problems paying an agent their rightful commission but I do have issues walking away from a job with five dollars in my pocket. I also expect them to do everything that they are supposed to do. If their commission includes getting me gigs, taking me to gigs, plus my transportation to and from the location I expect them to handle those obligations. I also expect them to recall my limits, or at least be respectful enough to understand the difference between denying a gig and saying "that is outside of my limits".

I am fairly better than an agent is and more equipped to handle the challenges of a business trip than the one I had originally signed up with.

Had I planned my trip to Philadelphia I’d have had a motel which would have been cheaper than model housing. I could have brought my assistant, my service dog and my child and they would have been out of the way. I could have scheduled my own gigs while there and used my own car as means to make those appointments. It would have been more profitable.

Cash, images, or experiences… no one shoots for free!

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  1. Who the frig did you sign a non-disclosure agreement with? or is that part of the agreement too? lol lame. In this world, it seems you have to become your own agent, or sleep with one. Unfortunately, being my own agent has brought on quite a bit of trial and error...maybe a little heavy on the error side.